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“Folks Masters’ Fellowship” Russian festival takes place in Gorodets

Folk crafts, professional classes, famous Gorodets gingerbreads and other interesting entertainments will be available for visitors of the festival.

08.Jul.14 2:28 PM
By D.S.


“Folks Masters’ Fellowship” Russian festival takes place in Gorodets
It is really hard to imagine more Russian festival than “Folks Masters’ Fellowship”. It will take place this Saturday on the 19th of July 2014 in Gorodets. It is already 8th time when this festival if organized in one of the oldest Russian cities in Middle Volga region. It is famous for its masters of architecture and other pieces of art. This festival will be the best bet for those who want to know more about such arts as artistic embroidery that is known for many years. The opening night of the festival will be full of colorful traditional Russian costumes. Visitors will get a chance to try famous gingerbreads as well as find out more about the development of artistic embroidery in Russian culture. 

Different folk groups will entertain everyone who is eager to immerse himself in an unforgettable atmosphere of our culture. Moreover presentation of new Museum of Russian Musical culture will also take place. Visitors may take part in professional classes and other interesting entertainments. 

Creators of the festival have also prepared great surprise for all the guests. They will be able to take a ride on a balloon or even helicopter. Visitors may also take part in a voyage over Volga. 
Apart from other modern festivals “Folks Masters’ Fellowship” reminds people about their origins and helps to keep cultural and ethnic traditions. 

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