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Florida residents will be able to pay taxes in the crypto currency

The authorities agreed to cooperate with the BitPay system.

16.May.18 1:50 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Florida residents will be able to pay taxes in the crypto currency
Authorities are increasingly paying attention to the possibilities of digital currencies, consulting with the expert community on their use. So, it became known about the plans of the Office of Taxes and Levies of the State of Florida to allow the payment of taxes by crypto currency. To this end, the agency has already agreed on cooperation with the BitPay system.

It should be noted that before the company did not work with public services on such issues. Representatives of the payment system explained that they see the need to make payments safer and cheaper. For this reason, cooperation with the tax administration can give the district a lot of advantages, which undoubtedly will be appreciated by the residents.

It is reported that payment by bitcoins and bitches will allow the procedure for issuing a driver's license, obtaining car numbers and a number of other services provided by government agencies. The authorities expect that such an approach will simplify the acceptance of payments and increase their transparency, as well as reduce the likelihood of fraud.

By the way, the initiative to pay taxes by crypto currency has already been considered in other US states, in particular, in Arizona. At the moment, this idea has received approval at the highest level.

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