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Imangali Tasmagambetov honoured by ESAM for input in the development of Kazakhstan statehood

Yannick Roussel greets Imangali Tasmagambetov, the new D.H.C. at ESAM école

First Season of ”Motherland” Spy Series will be shown on “Homeland” Channel

Vladimir Mashkov and Victoria Isakova play main roles in this movie.

16.Mar.15 7:20 PM
By Svetlana Siuhina


First Season of ”Motherland” Spy Series will be shown on “Homeland” Channel
Premier of new Russian spy series called ”Homeland” takes place today on March 16th. It is a customized version of popular American series which were shot on base of “Prisoner of War” Israel drama.

Main character of the movie is cornel Alexey Bragin. He is a hero of Afghanistan war. He returns home after 6 years of Chechen captivity.  Federal Security Service employee Anna Zimina suspects him of being recruited by militants.
Screen play writer and director of the film Pavel Lugin noted that he never hesitated with candidates for main parts in the series: “I know Mashkov very well. We worked together in different movies. He gained a lot of experience over the last years and grew into one of the most talented Russian actors. He is able to reflect the whole depth of his heroes.

It took him maximum two efforts in order to shoot an episode. At the same time I am sure that Isakova will surprise all spectators. We worked together in “Island’ movie and also know each other very well. I noted that she would become a great actress in the nearest future. Now she has creative flowering”.

It should also be noted that American series won lots of different prestigious awards and titles. They include 8 Emmy awards. “Best Drama Series”is among them. Main actors also won in “best actor” and “best actress” nominations. The plot is based on story about CIA agent Kerry Matison and marine sergeant Nicolas Brody. Danes suspects main hero of being recruited by Al-Qaeda after missing for 8 years. Heroine is sure that he is planning terroristic act.

5th season of the series is being shot at the moment. It is becoming more and more popular with spectators and fans.

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