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Fintech intends to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea

South Korea is getting a new cryptocurrency exchange, supported by the already established firm Fintech.

26.Sep.17 4:10 AM
By Daria Zaytseva


Fintech intends to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea

The new platform, known as Upbit, is a partnership between the South Korean application developer Dunamu and the US-based Bittrex, one of the longest-running exchanges in the market focused on alternative cryptocurrencies.

Next month, Upbit plans to open a wide range of tokens (more than 100). Thus, a key part of its value proposition will be the consolidation of potential trade options.

The news comes as South Korea is becoming the new focus of digital currency trading, and neighboring China, once a major activity center, cracks down on local exchanges.

Dunamu, for its part, provides extensive experience in mobile applications for partnership. Among other things, it developed an application for stock trading for the South Korean Internet conglomerate Kakao, and Upbit users will be able to use applications to exchange messages and payments Kakao when placing deals.

The Upbit website also indicates that BitGo, a pioneer of solutions with a lot of signatures for cryptocurrency companies, will ensure the security of the purse of the exchange customers.

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