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Fines for Roofers Will Grow 10 Times Higher

The maximum fine is up to $100.

30.Jul.15 8:38 AM
By Elena Nekrasova


Fines for Roofers Will Grow 10 Times Higher
Member of the Federation Council Vadim Tyulpanov offered increasing fines for roofers. Those are young people who try to get on rooftops of skyscrapers.

The official offers increasing fines for roofers up to $100. In other words, they will become 10 times higher. At the same time, he offered tracking and monitoring online operation of young people in social networks in order to prevent them from risky activities.

Tyulpanov is rather worried with the current situation in the country. As a father himself he is afraid of watching young people risking their lives for another dosage of thrilling emotions of breath-taking pictures.

At the same time, the official offers creating special zones that will be legally located on special rooftops. They will have all necessary safety precautions and facilities. On the other hand, some other deputies are sure that roofers appear to be a local problem and high fines will turn out to be inefficient tool to regulate their activity.

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