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Fines for Cruelty to Animals will be Twice Higher

Animal abuse leads to human violence.

16.Mar.15 3:15 PM
By Abigail Richards


Fines for Cruelty to Animals will be Twice Higher
Fees for cruelty to animals will be twice higher in Russian federation. At the same time tougher penalty will wait for those who related to any occasions of animal abuse. Special changes in Criminal Code of Russian federation will be made. Oleg Lebedev is the author of new law. He is certain about the fact that government should pay attention to every incident connected with animal abuse as it eventually leads to human violence.

According to new law cruelty to animals will be fined up to $2 700. This sum was twice lower. At the same time according to a new resolution guilty of such crimes will have to pay a fine which is equal to his monthly salary within one year. Later this period was only 6 months.

It is also noted that guilty of animals abuse will have to deal with correctional works within 720-hour period or within 2 years. Such terms have been decreased in comparison with the previous year.  Moreover convicted person can be sentenced to 2-year imprisonment or put behind the bars for 1-year term. Previously these terms were 1 year and 6 month respectively.

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