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FC Volga keeps winning

It has won in a home match against Sokol Saratov.

13.Oct.14 1:19 PM
By Irina Sportkor


FC Volga keeps winning
FC Volga Nizhny Novgorod has won in a match against Sokol Saratov Football Club with the finals score 2:1. The match has turned out to be rather tough and difficult for both of the teams.

Eduard Suhanov has scored the first goal for FC Volga/ Players from Saratov were not able to respond for a long time. They have scored an equalizer on 82nd minute of the second half. Pavlov is the author of the goal.

The final score was set during additional time. Nikita Nikolaev was hit by the keeper in the penalty area. Referee pointed at the penalty spot with no hesitations. The right for the last strike was given to Leandro. He has not missed.

This is already 4th victory for FC Volga players in a row. Such great results made it possible for the team to go up in the overall standings. The club now takes the 9th positions in the table. They will play the next match against Tom on 19th of October. The match will start at 11 a.m.

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