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FBI agent confirms: 130 cases are related to crypto-investigations

Bloomberg reported this yesterday.

28.Jun.18 2:48 AM
By Jason Brideslow


FBI agent confirms: 130 cases are related to crypto-investigations
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) currently conducts 130 different investigations related to cryptocurrencies. FBI's special surveillance agent, Kyle Armstrong, said at the Crypto Evolved conference in New York that the agency is investigating many crimes, including trafficking in human beings, drug operations, kidnapping, and extortion, which have a cryptocurrency component, according to a Bloomberg report.

In addition, recently there has been a surge in cases related to the cryptocurrency, he said, referring to opioids as one of the areas where the bureau should concentrate its investigation. Approximately 10% of drug users around the world are buying online medications on illicit digital markets.

In some parts of the US, there is also an increase in extortion schemes, where criminals want to use cryptocurrencies.

As they say, these "threat-related" investigations only constitute a "small gap" of thousands of cases, which the agency currently has, he said.

And unlike money-related crimes, Armstrong said that the immutability of the lock-up makes it easier to track transactions. On the other hand, the anonymity or pseudonyms of cryptocurrency make it difficult to properly investigate a crime.

Recently, an investigation was completed in South Korea regarding illegal trade on the Coinone exchange.

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