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Fatherís Day will be celebrated in Russia

This holiday will be celebrated starting from 2016.

09.Feb.15 10:43 AM
By Abigail Richards


Fatherís Day will be celebrated in Russia
There are lots of different holidays and events in Russia which take place throughout the whole year. Some of them are aimed on popularizing family values. However there is only one official family holiday which is celebrated in Russian federation. It is Motherís Day. On the other hand unofficial Fatherís Day is celebrated only in several regions of the country. This is why representatives of the Russian Ministry of Labor decided to make this holiday official.

They are sure that it will have a positive influence on atmosphere inside the family as well as attitude to men who are bringing up their children.

The main goal of such measures is to reduce all that negative effect which is often made by different media services. There is lots of news when fathers are not good at tasking care of their children. They seem to be irresponsible and sometimes inaccurate. This is why Fatherís Day will help to change attitude to men who are taking care of their kids.

It should also be noted that equal holiday is celebrated in the Ignited States for more than a century already. The same thing is in several European countries. However all of them take place in different periods. There are no common dates for all Fatherís Days. In Russia it firstly appeared in 2008. However it hasnít become an official holiday since then.

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