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Facebook will allow to advertise crypto-currencies

Earlier, the social network announced a complete ban on such publications.

27.Jun.18 2:28 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Facebook will allow to advertise crypto-currencies
The ambiguous attitude of both authorities and commercial structures to crypto-currencies has created many problems for those who conduct business with their use. Not only that, some states introduced quite strict regulation of the new market, up to the ban on the use of virtual money as a means of payment, so also social networks banned the advertising of crypto-currencies.

The social network Facebook, which vetoed the announcement of digital assets, decided to reconsider its position. Last Tuesday, June 26, representatives of the company announced that the content about virtual money could still appear in the social network. At the same time, only approved advertisers will be able to post such posts. It should be noted that publications on the ICO will not be available on social networking sites.

When planning advertising on Facebook, if it is connected with crypto-currencies, you will first have to send the management of the social network public information about your business, including data on licenses. After studying the information received, the company will decide on the possibility of placing ads.

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