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Facebook tries to steal the audio trend from Clubhouse

Is it nailed to the floor? No? Thank you!

20.Apr.21 10:34 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo FB


Facebook tries to steal the audio trend from Clubhouse
Facebook will release a series of audio features in the coming months, the tech giant reports in a blog. For example, the company is working on Live Audio Rooms, an alternative to the popular audio chat app Clubhouse.

The app allows people to listen and participate in live conversations. Earlier it became clear that Facebook's variant was in an "early phase of development". The company has now announced that the app will actually be released.

Facebook is also working on a second new feature, called Soundbites, which allows users to create and share short audio clips. You can add music and effects to the clips. The feature should be released in the coming months and will initially be tested by a small number of people.

Finally, the company wants to make it possible to listen to podcasts directly via the Facebook app. According to the platform, more than 35 million people are members of a Facebook group about podcasts.

Audio apps have become very popular during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and LinkedIn are working on an alternative to Clubhouse.

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