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Facebook copied a feature from TikTok, will roll it in India out

India has banned TikTok in country so it makes commercial sense

09.Mar.21 3:00 PM
By Abigail Richards


Facebook copied a feature from TikTok, will roll it in India out
Facebook Instagram is working on a feature that allows the creators of so - called Reels - short videos-to easily share them on Facebook, reports Bloomberg on Tuesday.

It would be a test that initially only runs in India. Whether the feature will actually be released is not yet known.

Reels are Facebook's answer to the popularity of Chinese TikTok. Now Reels are only available in the Instagram app.

It's not the first time that Facebook copies a competitor's popular feature: previously, the Stories feature was taken over from Snapchat, with photos and videos disappearing after 24 hours. Facebook Instagram users can already share an Instagram story with a tap on their Facebook profile.

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