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Fabio Capello Retired Earlier Than Expected

The contract with Italian coach was discontinued.

14.Jul.15 1:42 PM
By Irina Klyachina
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Fabio Capello Retired Earlier Than Expected
Fabio Capello was officially announced to retire from position of Russian football team manager. Representatives of Russian Football Union has discontinued the contract with Italian coach. This news is actively discusses by all major world sporting media resources.

The contract is stated to be discontinued by agreement of both sides. The information was provided by the official website of the Union. It is also noted that there were no claims from both sides. Capello received $18.5 million compensation while representatives of the Russian Football Union thanked Italian specialist for his work in the team and wished him luck and all the best in his future training career.

The question about the head coach of Russian football team is still open. Some experts say that Slutsky is the most appropriate candidate for this position at the moment. He is the coach of Russian CSKA football team.

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