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External debt of Russia has been decreased

The national external debt in June 2014 was dropped by 0.3 %

23.Jul.14 6:19 PM
By Ube Salorainen


External debt of Russia has been decreased
For June 2014 external public debt of Russia has been decreased by $ 138 million, i.e. by 0.3 %. Now the size of the debt is 54 billion 672 million dollars. During the same period the external debt equivalent to euro was decreased by 154.3 million euros, i.e. by 0.4 % and amounted 40.123 billion euros. About it is stated by the Ministry of Finance in the report about the structure of the external debt.

For the first half of the current year reduction of the national debt amounted to 2 % or 1.121 billion dollars.

The decrease of public debt helped to reduce the country's debt to the official creditors who are not members of the Paris Club for 101.2 million dollars, that is up to 925 million dollars. To the international financial institutions debt was decreased by $ 29 million, up 1.346 billion dollars.

A large part of the debt is on external bond loans of the Russian Federation, as of June 1st, 2014 the bonded indebtedness was 40.22 billion dollars.

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