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Exports of aluminum "RUSAL" by "TransContainer" suspended

However, the contract remains in force.

17.Apr.18 9:35 PM
By Anna Alexandrova


Exports of aluminum "RUSAL" by "TransContainer" suspended
The company "RUSAL" has suspended exports of aluminum, by TransContainer. This was told at the forum TransRussia the head of the second company Petr Baskakov, reports TASS.

According to him, this does not affect the company much. At the same time, the contract between the companies remains in force. Received earlier orders are executed, and may applications form.

Baskakov noted that most of RUSAL's aluminum is exported. About 30% falls on domestic transportation. Empty containers have already ceased to be sent to factories. The metal, which was in the process of transportation, was temporarily stopped before payment for its intended purpose. In April, it was planned to transport 3,000 containers. At the same time, only 700 of them were transported.

As explained by the Deputy head of the TransContainer Viktor Markov, now his company and RUSAL are developing together options for further cooperation. After that, TransContainer is going to consult with a lawyer who specializes in sanctions impact on the Russian economy.

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