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Experts talked about the needs of future cryptocurrency exchanges

This year may become special for developers of digital currencies, analysts say.

08.May.18 6:49 AM
By Anna Bezrukova


Experts talked about the needs of future cryptocurrency exchanges

The current year is likely to be significant for cryptocurrency developers, experts suggest. Decentralized exchanges, which position themselves as the sole guarantors of full control over funds, completed the research and development phases, and are busy attracting the first users. However, this is not a reason to rejoice, analysts are sure. After all, there is a problem of cause and effect, which, according to people in business, is a barrier for newcomers: because of this, they can not bypass competitors of the level of Coinbase and Kraken.

Experts say that more liquidity requires mass implementation. And the latter, in turn, can be achieved by exceptionally high cash. And even those who are genuinely interested in the high-tech sector of the exchange market realize this. 

But, analysts believe, it should be remembered that the centralized services had to overcome this difficulty, and it would be superfluous to take a closer look at their experience. Often they made deals with market makers with the aim that they stimulate the growth of liquidity. Usually, in return, they received discounts or any awards, and the depth of the market was maintained at the same level. 

But experts see the central problem of decentralized exchanges in the fact that they only trade in digital currencies. Because of this, customers cannot exchange dollars for tokens.

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