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Experts predict stable positions bitcoin with a rate of $ 3200

The company Fundstrat expressed this opinion in its report.

15.Jun.18 7:45 AM
By Jason Brideslow


Experts predict stable positions bitcoin with a rate of $ 3200
In its report, the company Fundstrat made small conclusions regarding the course of the cryptocurrency at different times of the year. To assess and provide findings, the first TOP-10 crypto-currency was taken.

"This week, when almost all of the CIS countries received support at last week's lows (bitcoins $ 7355 and $ 7058), many of them are now experiencing a stress test / breaking the following important support levels. Including, BTC is at the April lows at $ 6,450. "

"What will happen next in the market, will 2014 be repeated for bitcoin? For reference, a similar correction would mean a decrease to a minimum of its trend channel, which coincides with the uptrend of the BTC 2016-2017 at around $ 3200. Our expectation: if the BTC fails to support at the April lows, we expect that it will find support between 5000-5500 with a short-term support level at $ 5874. "

Experts also believe that it is possible to apply for a correction course, but still, refer to the fact that this measure is somewhat temporary. It is noted that "the improvement that holds most of the Crypto-currencies would have to reverse their May trends."

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