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Experts: Litecoin is developing rapidly as a means of payment

By this criterion, it exceeds bitcoin, experts say.

30.Apr.18 2:37 AM
By Anna Bezrukova


Experts: Litecoin is developing rapidly as a means of payment
To date, not a single digital currency can be called "ideal." So, one of the most trenchant criticisms of bitcoin is inadequate, which is reflected in the inaccessibility of quick and economic payments.

According to Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, his cryptocurrency is more convenient. According to him, he foresaw possible problems with paying bitcoins, so he started developing a more suitable blockade for these purposes.

Recall that for a while Charlie Lee, nicknamed "SatoshiLite" was an employee of Coinbase - a significant exchange of digital currencies in San Francisco. But in 2017, he left the company and sold all his Litecoin to avoid accusations of pampas and dumps. And recently, Charlie Lee has been making a lot of efforts to make the cryptocurrency he created widely spread.

Note that last week one of the publications said that a $ 99 million transfer of Litecoin was sent with a commission of only $ 0.40. Also in February 2018, the European retailer began to accept Litecoin as a payment method - this was reported by the company in one of the popular social networks.

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