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Experts in perplexity: in just 24 hours bitcoin lost more than 1200 dollars

Perhaps further decline.

06.Feb.18 12:08 AM
By Abigail Richards


Experts in perplexity: in just 24 hours bitcoin lost more than 1200 dollars
Yesterday, February 5, the rate of the most popular cryptocurrency, which in December was worth about twenty thousand dollars, fell by more than fifteen percent, showing a minimal result in the last three months. If you pay attention to the graph of the change in the rate of Bitcoin to the dollar for today, you can see a drop in the price to 6185 dollars for one bitcoin.

At the same time, many analysts say that it is entirely possible to further reduce, up to one thousand for one coin. For example, the primary market analyst Centtrip Miles Ikers noted that the decline would continue, breaking the next mark of 5 thousand dollars per coin.

According to analysts, bitcoin is already falling for the sixth trading session in a row. Bitcoin, which for the year of 2017 went up by 1300 percent and reached about 20 thousand dollars in December, has now lost more than half of this cost.

Experts pay attention to the fact that the cryptocurrency continues to fall in price amid a whole complex of circumstances, which include regulation at the global level and a ban on the use of credit cards for the purchase of bitcoins in the United States and Great Britain.

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