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Experts explained the rapid growth and fall of the Bitcoin rate

Specialists told what processes were the cause.

05.Sep.17 1:47 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


Experts explained the rapid growth and fall of the Bitcoin rate
The most popular crypto currency - Bitcoin - the other day reached a record mark of $ 5,000, but soon as quickly fell. The experts explained the reasons for this "behavior" of her, writes Vzglyad.

According to Anna Kokoreva, deputy director of the analytical department of Alpari, it's all about supply and demand: many buyers want to buy Bitcoin, and there are a limited number of offers. As a result, there was an agiotage, which, naturally, affected the price.

Financial analyst FxPro Alexander Kupitsikevich notes that after the introduction of a new protocol to increase network capacity, hard fork, geopolitical tension, the price of Bitcoin naturally grew, and in the first days of September standard market conditions made their business their business.

Investors and speculators did not miss the opportunity to earn quick money, and when the psychological mark of 5 thousand was reached, traders began massively selling bitcoins. As a result, prices began to fall.

According to economists, the decision of the People's Bank of China to ban the holding of initial offers of coins (ICO), while the market of the Middle Kingdom is desirable for crypto-investors, played a role in the drop in prices for bitcoins.

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