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Experts: bitcoin should not be called the best cryptocurrency

This cryptocurrency is no longer of much interest.

29.Jan.18 11:26 PM
By Abigail Richards


Experts: bitcoin should not be called the best cryptocurrency
According to experts, bitcoin should not be called the best cryptocurrency. So, as writes, American rating agency Weiss has assigned Ethereum a rating higher than bitcoin. And this, according to experts, speaks volumes.

Representatives of the American rating agency say that although bitcoin dominates the market and is a "strong brand," it has not received a higher rating because of problems with transaction speed and unavailability for an urgent update of the code.

It was said that such a cryptocurrency as Ethereum, on the contrary, is better prepared for updates and conducts transactions faster.

But, despite the fact that there are 74 crypto-currencies in the list of agencies, none of them received the highest rating of A, as all digital money is too volatile.

It is noteworthy that immediately after the publication of this rating, the cost of Ethereum increased from a thousand dollars to 1.2 thousand dollars, but in a few hours, it began to fall. Today, January 30, at 9.54 Moscow time, for one ether is 1150 dollars. 

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