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Expert's advice: How to chose in which ICOs to invest?

"Donít believe articles about ICOs in Medium or other platfroms. 99% of them are sponsored".

14.May.18 2:33 AM
By Filip Poutintsev
Photo Filip Poutintsev


Expert's advice: How to chose in which ICOs to invest?
Today an ICO Advisor and cryptocurrency expert Filip Poutintsev will tell us how to invest wisely into ICOs to maximize profit and to keep your money safe.

1. Get acquainted with the ICO project. Check their website and white paper.
2. In case of any questions ask them on their Telegram or other social media channel.
3. Donít believe articles about ICOs in Medium or other platfroms. 99% of them are sponsored.
4. Donít trust crypto influencers that are praising certain ICOs. In 99% of the cases they are being paid for this.
5. Likewise be skeptical if you read bad reviews about an ICO. Usually itís done by their competitors.
6. Use only your own judgement when making investment decision.
7. Donít be the first idiot to invest in failed ICO. Check always on Etherscan that people have really invested in this ICO as they claim. Or if the token is based on other crypto, check their blockchain.
8. If an ICO does not have a smart contract stay away from it, itís a not a real ICO, but probably a poorly made scam.
9. Donít invest in ICO that is not getting enough investments, there is a reason why people are not trusting it, even if you donít know it.
10. Keep in mind that ICO is extremely high risk investment even compared with crypto currencies.
11. Donít invest all your funds into one ICO no matter how good it is. There is always unpredictable risk involved. Diversify between several ICOs or cryptocurrencies to keep risk low.
12. If you are not sure in which ICOs to invest donít invest in them at all. Rather invest in Bitcoin or other major crypto currency. That kind of investment is much safer.

As ICO listing sites are playing a major role in ICO industry itís important to be skeptical about them as well:

1. ICO listing sites almost always take payment from ICOs, which means small ICOs do not have equal chance of getting listed.
2. In many cases high rating is bought, and rating of other ICOs can be intentionally lowered.
3. ICO listing sites are often affiliated with certain ICOs or are bribed by high budget ICOs.
4. Their sole idea is to make profit and provide marketing services for ICOs, not to give you good advice nor provide investment consultation.
5. Mostly ICO listing sites donít allow outside experts to rate ICOs.
6. Just because some ICO listing site is very popular and claim to be honest it doesnít mean that you can trust it.

Treat ICO listing sites merely as a platform that shows what ICOs are there in general, and not as guideline which ICOs are good.

Keep safe and keep investing in ICOs.

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