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Exchange Coinbase abandoned the initiative tokenize its shares

Coinbase will not launch Swarm.

15.Jun.18 7:52 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


Exchange Coinbase abandoned the initiative tokenize its shares
Information portal freedman. club reports that one of the giants of the crypto industry - the crypto exchange Coinbase, sent a notification to its partner - the company Swarm with a refusal to launch the same-name cryptocurrency. It is reported that the reason was an attempt to sell Swarm company forged shares of the largest exchange operator from San Francisco.

Swarm's management expressed the hope that despite the message from Coinbase, the company's tokenization plan for the shares will not be disrupted. As previously reported, Swarm planned to purchase shares on such broad and favorite sites as Coinbase, Ripple, Robinhood, and DiDi., And then issue securities representing shares of this capital.

Coinbase has acted sharply against this state of affairs, the exchange's administrators say that they stop working with those organizations that sell shares in crypto-exchanges, violating the purchase agreements. In the same vein, the official representatives of Ripple also expressed their opinion, noting that they had never considered this action with Swarm.

Employees startup Swarm deny the illegality of their actions, arguing that the method used to obtain and replicate this capital, does not violate any agreement.

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