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Every Russian will get a chance to try himself as a Bailiff

Bailiff Federal Service has launched new application.

28.Oct.14 8:37 AM
By Abigail Richards


Every Russian will get a chance to try himself as a Bailiff
A unique application has recently appeared on the official website of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russian Federation. The information is provided by media office of the service in Nizhny Novgorod region.

The main idea of the app is to help players feel as if they are real bailiffs. They will be able to initiate executive cases, declare debtors wanted, send requests to particular departments and services, limit abilities of debtors without letting them leave the country and consider all requests of the citizens. Players should be rather careful while making their next step and plan it thoroughly in advance.  They will be provided with a given period of time in order to complete every mission. They will also have to complete several stages of the app.

In accordance with information provided by federal media office the main aim of this application is to attract attention of citizens to project that is called “Executor Process Databank”. Players will be able to keep information about their debts and get additional bonuses for checking their debts using “Executor Process Databank”.

In accordance with existing law such databank is arranged managed by Federal Bailiff Service representatives electronically.

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