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Europe Still Needs Russian Gas

Experts say that European demand in Russian gas will increase by 20%witihtin next 20 years.

13.Apr.15 6:42 PM
By Dmitrii Zaitsev


Europe Still Needs Russian Gas
British experts of BP Oil and Gas Company say that Russian gas will still be in high demand apart from economic situation and any other factors. Europe still needs “blue fuel” and its demand in this natural resource will increase from 50% to 71% within next 2 decades. This is mostly due to the fact that European resources will be totally depleted by that time. That is why they will be substituted by suppliers from Middle East and Caspian.

Moreover BR experts are sure that Russia will only benefit from such situation. The share of Russian gas will be increased. Its share in Europe’s energy balance will be at least 30% or even higher.

Europe largely depends on supplies of Russian gas. Supplies of blue fuel by Gazprom to Europe vary from 70% to 100% at the moment. However, Europe can also be left without this important natural resource due to sanctions which have been implemented against Russian federation.

This problem has become more evident after South Stream project was closed.

BP specialists reveal official forecasts regarding the fact that list of gas exporters may be changed for Europe in the nearest future drastically. According to information provided by Head Economy Development Advisor in Russian Department Ilya Lysenko European demand in Russian gas has increased over the last two decades from 50% to 71%. The share of Russian gas in Europe is very unlikely to change. If reduction takes place, it will be unnoticeable (from 32% to 31%).

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