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Eurocracy destroys internal documents to cover up any irregularities

Unelected body in command of EU keeps most documents for six months only

13.Nov.21 10:08 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo NRC


Eurocracy destroys internal documents to cover up any irregularities
The European Commission is destroying internal communication on a large scale, which makes it at least difficult to monitor how political decisions have been made. According to newspaper NRC, which received access to thousands of documents on the working methods of the so-called Code of Conduct Group in Brussels. This group makes agreements on tax legislation on behalf of EU member states.

Correspondence shall include minutes of closed meetings, reports and other internal documents. According to NRC, this means that public control of sensitive and controversial tax agreements between EU countries becomes impossible.

Documents are automatically deleted after six months if officials in Brussels do not report that they need to be kept. The rule is that only emails and documents that contain "important information" or that have yet to be processed are stored. Officials should check software used since 2015. It is up to the officials themselves to make it clear whether or not something should be kept.

The correspondence that is automatically deleted is no longer recoverable. According to NRC, this goes against the rules of the European Union. This gives every EU citizen the right to access the documents of the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the European Union, whatever the medium.

Every month about 60,000 e-mails arrive at the Commission, NRC knows. It is not clear how many of them are preserved. According to the European Commission, the archiving policy is in line with international quality standards.

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