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Euro Exchange Rate has decreased by 2 Rubles on 25th of November

Dollar strengthened on the level below 45 rubles.

26.Nov.14 1:57 PM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Euro Exchange Rate has decreased by 2 Rubles on 25th of November
Russian Central Bank has decreased dollar exchange rate by 1.74 rubles. The official euro exchange rate has stopped on the level of 55.53 rubles. This rate is even lower in comparison with rate that has been indicated on 22nd of November.  

Experts share their optimistic forecasts and expectations regarding further strengthening of ruble exchange rate. Needless to say, that this rate is also influenced by increase of oil price on the international market.

For example, price of Brent oil has increased from 77.5 to 81.5dollars per barrel. If the price will keep increasing, this will help to fix dollar on the level below 41 rubles by the end of this year.

Another great benefit which can also influence rubles exchange rate in a positive way is high level of interest towards currency of developing countries. That is why National Bank of China has decreased the interest rate.

The Head of Ministry of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukayev is still sure that ruble has not reached its equilibrium value and it will keep strengthening.

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