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EU isn't happy with a free speech on Twitter

Thierry Breton insists, that the platform should 'continue to comply'

05.Dec.22 9:11 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo CNN


EU isn't happy with a free speech on Twitter
Twitter must continue to comply with European rules, warns EU Commissioner Thierry Breton. If the social network does not adequately address 'propaganda, hate speech and harassment', the company can expect a fine or even a blockade.

"We are closely monitoring what has been happening on Twitter since the acquisition by Elon Musk," Breton told reporters. The European commissioner hinted that he will meet Musk before Christmas.

"It is perfectly clear that we can impose fines if Twitter does not comply with EU rules. If the social medium continues to break the rules, we can block the platform in the EU."

The new EU rules on digital markets and digital services are, according to Breton, "powerful tools" that can counteract the spread of disinformation and hatred. "Twitter must comply with these rules if it wants to remain active in the European market," he stressed.

Earlier, French president Emmanuel Macron said that Twitter has pledged to remove terrorist and extremist content. Macron met Musk during a visit to the US and had a "clear and honest conversation" with him, the French Prime Minister tweeted on Friday.

There are concerns in Brussels about Musk's belief in absolute freedom of expression coupled with the downsizing of Twitter's workforce. As a result, it may become more difficult for Twitter to counter propaganda, hate messages and harassment on the platform.

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