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EU is disturbed by the jet fuel supplies to Syria

The question of the jet fuel supplies to Syria by Russia via the territorial waters of EU is discussed

24.Nov.16 3:54 AM
By Anna Tuzova


EU is disturbed by the jet fuel supplies to Syria
EU is disturbed by the aviation fuel supply trough the territorial waters of EU member countries, according to Reuters source. To be reminded, two years ago was adopted a resolution by members of EU, which prohibits aviation fuel supply to Syria from the territory of EU, regardless of its origin. The fuel for jet engines was brought to Syria by Russian tankers.

According to local officials’ information, at least two Russian-flagged vessels with the aviation fuel have entered Cyprus and Turkey ports, which are members of EU. As the source from one EU country Intelligence Service said, the supply have increased in October: during one or two weeks 20 000 tonnes of fuel was delivered to Syria by Russian tankers, which value is approximately $9 millions. Local officials have started the investigation in Brussels in this regard.

Cyprus authorities stated that Russian vessels had not got an official permission to enter the ports of the country. The Reuters’ request in Greece was routed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Ministry of Shipping, which has not answered.

This issue is discussed in the EU. The Cypriot foreign ministry also added that any information that may be provided on any activity that contravenes U.N. or EU restrictive measures would be welcomed.

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