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EU is about to unleash totalitarian comfort to its citizens

The dictatorship comes in all sizes, shapes and fashionable colours

01.Jun.21 12:14 PM
By Shawn Highstraw
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EU is about to unleash totalitarian comfort to its citizens
The European Union was due to unveil plans for a so-called digital wallet on Wednesday, Financial Times reports Tuesday. For example, with an app to be built, citizens could securely store passwords and pay bills.

Citizens should be able to access a range of websites in the app with one login. At present, governments and companies still often have to use different login details.

The app should make it possible to pay bills securely, such as an energy bill. The wallet should be accessible with a fingerprint or a scan of the eye. The app could also be used as a safe to store digitally official documents, such as a driving licence.

Brussels would be discussing with member states the technical standards to be met by the app. In any case, the EU wants to prevent companies that have access to users ' data from using the portfolio to promote, for example, new products.

The digital wallet should be fully operational in about a year. Its use is not mandatory.

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