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EU comes up with regulation of IoT

European Commission plans to implement protection of IoT devices into law

30.Oct.21 11:21 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
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EU comes up with regulation of IoT
The European Commission has set minimum requirements for devices connected to the internet. These include smart thermostats, doorbells and baby dolls. Non-compliant devices will be banned in the European Union from mid-2024.

More and more devices can be operated and accessed wirelessly via the internet. The world now has an estimated 35 billion of these devices. These baby monitors, fitness trackers, tablets, fridges, security cameras and many other devices together form the so-called Internet of Things. But in many cases they are quite easy to hijack, for example because they have no or a very weak password.

From now on, they need to be protected in such a way that hackers can no longer just take over them and use them for cyber attacks. Also, recorded images and sounds and personal information about users on smart devices need to be better protected. The new rules pay particular attention to the protection of children.

Manufacturers are given time to adapt their products. If the European Parliament and the EU countries do not object, the new rules will come into force in more than 2.5 years' time.

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