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Ethereum developer resigns, referring to legal problems

Yoichi Hirai has resigned as editor of the Etherium, citing concerns that a controversial proposal might be a violation of criminal law.

15.Feb.18 4:45 AM
By Daria Zaytseva


Ethereum developer resigns, referring to legal problems

Named EIP 867, the proposal defines a method that better facilitate the return of lost funds to the platform. Writing his comments yesterday, Hirai said that the EIP could violate the Japanese law called "Unauthorized creation of electromagnetic records."

The law in question deals with cases of computer fraud, in particular illegal creation of data "with the intention to lead to improper management of the affairs of another person," the legal document reads.

Last week, Hirai blocked the proposal because of its inconsistency with the "philosophy of ethereum," a requirement based on the code-making process, as detailed in EIP-1. As previously reported, the proposal is headed by the developer Dan Philfer from Musiconomi, an ICO issuer that saw16, 447 ether lost in the Parity fund were frozen last year.

The proposal of Philfer has caused controversy among developers, and some urging the public to participate in the discussion. The proposal is also said to have accelerated efforts to improve the platform’s process for adopting code changes.

Prior to his resignation, Hirai was one of six ethereum developers with the rights to accept software changes on the platform.

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