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EOS attracted investments for 4 billion $

As a result of the token, the blockchain-start-up has set a new record.

30.May.18 11:29 PM
By Jason Brideslow


EOS attracted investments for 4 billion $
Some time ago, the leader in the ICO was Telegram, attracted investments of $ 1.7 billion. However, now the positions have changed. Besides, the EOS / USD rate went up 8% to a price of $ 12.34.

On June 1 the annual token will end, and on June 2 the launch of the primary network was announced. Almost daily block. One puts 2 million tokens on the auction. Over the entire annual period of the company's initial offer, more than 900 million tokens were sold.

To date, the team is working on the mobile and website EOS. According to their intentions, customers will be able to manipulate with speed and small commissions. However, until now the company has not submitted concrete ideas to the public for its program. However, I have already refused to invest $ 1 billion into any start-ups that will run on the EOS platform.

However, quite recently the holding company encountered some problems. As we wrote today, EOS holders were warned about the necessary registration of Ethereum addresses. Moreover, because of the vulnerability discovered, the announcement of the main EOS network was postponed indefinitely. At the time of writing, the company said that the problem had already been resolved.

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