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Energy news

TANECO refinery will double its refining capacity by the end of 2017
18.Aug.17 2:59 PM | 32

In the coming months Tatneft will launch a second primary oil refinery at the TANECO refinery, which will allow the plant to increase the annual capacity of raw materials to 14 million tons.

The export of Russian gas grew by 12%
17.Aug.17 8:10 AM | 36

40% increased deliveries to some countries.

Russia and China discuss the construction of a new nuclear power plant
17.Aug.17 8:02 AM | 50

The location for the NPP has already been selected.

Oil producers signal the landfall on the last auction in the Gulf of Mexico
16.Aug.17 4:24 PM | 38

Large oil producers raised high rates at an offshore auction in the Gulf of Mexico to $ 121 million on Wednesday.

The Middle East oil market shot up due to high demand in Asia
12.Aug.17 2:52 PM | 40

Prizes for spot oil shipment of Middle Eastern oil on Thursday soared to a high of more than a year due to active demand in Asia, traders said.

Steady growth in world demand will support the balancing of the oil market
11.Aug.17 4:06 PM | 64

World oil demand will grow at a faster rate this year than expected.

Iran and Azerbaijan intensify cooperation in the Caspian
10.Aug.17 2:03 AM | 52

Iran hopes that economic relations with foreign investors will allow it to use its massive oil and gas reserves in the Caspian Sea.

Germany will side with Russia in energy disputes
10.Aug.17 1:52 AM | 64

British analysts expressed this opinion.

OPEC expects full compliance of the oil pact with lagging countries
09.Aug.17 4:54 PM | 67

The OPEC Oil Export Cartel expects that participants in the global oil pact entering the club and beyond it will more strictly observe the terms of the deal.

Saudi Arabia will reduce oil exports in September
08.Aug.17 11:02 AM | 43

The world's largest oil exporter and OPEC's unofficial leader Saudi Arabia will reduce the export of raw materials by at least 520,000 barrels per day in September under the global pact to limit production, sources said on Tuesday.

Oil prices have increased the decline, investors are watching the OPEC + meeting in Abu Dhabi
07.Aug.17 4:01 PM | 26

Oil prices declined noticeably in the evening trading on Monday.

Shale miners in the U.S. have ambitious plans for 2017 despite cheaper oil
04.Aug.17 4:03 PM | 63

Developers of oil shale resources in the U.S. are not going to slow down.

Gazprom goes ahead despite U.S. sanctions
03.Aug.17 4:13 PM | 66

New U.S. sanctions will make it difficult for Russia to build two gas pipelines to Europe, but the projects are unlikely to be stopped.

Ukraine will buy coal from the US at $ 113 per tonne
02.Aug.17 3:06 AM | 72

The first 700 thousand tons are reserved.

Oil cautiously enters the growth area
02.Aug.17 2:53 AM | 59

Oil prices with caution go to the territory of moderate growth at the beginning of the week.

Quarterly profit of BP decreased, new projects support extraction
01.Aug.17 4:55 PM | 61

The profit of British BP declined in the second quarter.

OPEC oil production jumped to 2017 high due to the increase in volumes in Libya
31.Jul.17 2:59 PM | 84

OPEC oil production in July rose by 90,000 barrels a day to the peak of 2017, amid continued recovery of supplies from Libya, which is not included in the global OPEC pact.

According to the IEA, Russia expects growth in gas production
31.Jul.17 6:44 AM | 64

One of the most important points of production growth is the projected increase in the export of Russian gas in liquefied form.

Shell increases profit
28.Jul.17 3:19 AM | 63

The company continues to adapt to the situation in the oil markets.

The rise in oil prices in Europe is suspended
28.Jul.17 3:15 AM | 83

Black gold needs an incentive.

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