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Emigrated Pensioners will be left without Pensions

It concerns pensioners who live abroad for more than 183 days.

24.Mar.15 3:01 PM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Emigrated Pensioners will be left without Pensions
State Dum Deputy Degterev offered new law related to financial support of pensioners who immigrated to other countries. According to this project Russian pensioners may be left their pensions only in case the live abroad for more than 183 days. And have double citizenship or changed it. If pensioner returns to Russia and stays here for at least 6 months, his pension will be returned.

“Working people provide pensions for current pensioners with their insurance fees. It is strange why they should continue paying pensions to those who decided to leave Russia for another country. It means that we provide financial support to other countries. We pay pensions which are spent on purchasing foreign products instead of helping those pensioners who live in Russia”, - said author of the project.

New law will concern more than 256 thousand pensioners who live abroad at the moment. The majority of elderly Russians live in Germany, Israel and Latvia.

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