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Emergency home tenants will have to rent accommodation

New mechanism of resettlement has been already implemented.

29.Aug.14 11:16 AM
By Abigail Richards


Emergency home tenants will have to rent accommodation
Department of Housing and Communal services has already approved plan of housing termination. This plane includes those building which have been determines as emergency homes by the 1st of January 2012. Also in accordance with this plan more than 11.265 million of emergency home square meters will be demolished.  

At the same time new accommodation for citizens who live in emergency homes will be provided only as rent basics. It will never become their private property. This resolution has been established by the Government of Russian Federation. Detailed information is available on its official web portal.

The resolution also includes conditions for recalculation of redemption value of the living building. It will include share cost of the plot of land where emergency home is located.

Speaking about resettlement of citizens from emergency homes which are their private property, the owner of the property will have to pay for himself in order to get new accommodation. Provision of accommodation will also depend on value of the overall property of citizens. In other words they will have to rent apartment at their own expenses.

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