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Electronic Scoreboards will be working on Nizhny Novgorod Bus Stops

They have been already installed 5 years ago.

21.Oct.14 5:32 AM
By Abigail Richards


Electronic Scoreboards will be working on Nizhny Novgorod Bus Stops
Electronic scoreboards will display all necessary information about routes and timetable of buses and other public transport. They will start working on the 1st of September. It should also be mentioned that this equipment has already been installed 5 years ago.

At the same time it will also be possible to track the location of every bus due to GPC-indicator that will be installed in public transport. The signal from the indicator will be received by the main traffic control center and sent to the scoreboard of the particular bus stop. Several boards are working at the moment. But the information is incorrect.
Media office of the City Administration pays attention to the fact that local authorities have not provided necessary funds for implementing these systems for more than 4 years. 20 additional scoreboards have been installed in 2014.

All necessary funds for operating and repairing of boards will be provided by “CDS” commercial enterprise.
All boards will be put into operation on the 31st of October 2014. It includes all equipment that has also been installed in 2009.

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