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Electronic Cigarettes Will be Available with Prescription Only

This question is discussed by the Russian government at the moment.

19.Jun.15 4:01 PM
By Abigail Richards


Electronic Cigarettes Will be Available with Prescription Only
Electronic cigarettes will be available with prescription only. It is known that there was a letter sent to the Russian Ministry of Health Care. The letter contained an offer to limit electronic cigarettes sales, production and usage.

Authors of the letter asked the ministers to make electronic cigarettes equal to prescribed drugs. At the same time the offered using nicotine of pharmacy grade in those devices. At the same time social works stated that sales of electronic cigarettes should be made via drug stores only. Advertisement of such devices must be also limited with special editions.

According to anti-tobacco activists nicotine is the main ingredient of electronic cigarettes. It is proved that this ingredient can lead to addiction. Moreover it has a negative effect on humans’ organism. It leads to lung cancer and other serious diseases.

Representatives of the Russian Ministry of Health Care reported that this question is being actively discussed at the moment.

It should be noted that analytics say that such initiative can be approved by the Ministry due to the fact that electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine that is extremely harmful for humans’ health. Considering the fact that these devices are available for everyone at the moment, they can be obtained by teenagers and pregnant women which is unacceptable.

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