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Elderly Woman Maniac Was Arrested in St. Petersburg

Videcam has shot a moment when she was throwing out the body of her victim.

31.Jul.15 1:23 PM
By Irina Kostikova


Elderly Woman Maniac Was Arrested in St. Petersburg
According to available information, she committed a crime on July 23. Tamara Samsonova is supposed to murder and then dismember the body of her friend Valentina Ulanova. 

At the same time, representatives of St. Petersburg police department said that this is not the first murder committed by 68-year old woman. She killed a man who rented a room in 2003. His body was found in the same place as her latest victim near Kupchino metro station. 

Moreover, some media sources spread information about the fact that their can be dozens of people killed by a woman maniac. Police is looking into another case connected with disappearance of her husband 10 years ago.
The police has also found her diary where murderer described all details of her every crime. Dozen of murders are noted there. It should be noted that every crime is described and translated into three languages including Russia, English and German. At first she confessed of writing the diary but later refused from her words and said that her doctor was making all those horrible notes. 

Investigators will have to check whether there is some connection between those murders and 68-year old maniac. At the same time forensic psychiatric examination will be held in the nearest future. 

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