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Egypt is calling tourists

At the annual “Arabian travel fair”, which takes place in Dubai, Egypt has made every effort to prove to potential tourists that their country remains the most important tourist destination in the middle East.

27.Apr.17 4:43 AM
By Christina Orlina


Egypt is calling tourists
After the revolution of 2011 the tourism sector of the country was dealt a serious blow due to the growth of terrorism. Hisham Al-Demery, chairman of the Egyptian Committee for the promotion of tourism: “One of the major challenges facing our country in the past few years, is establishing and disseminating the correct image of Egypt.”

According to the world tourism organization, by 2030 the number of tourists visiting the Middle East and North Africa can reach 195 million people. To implement this, countries in the region will require from 25 to 50 million new jobs.

Maita Al-Mahruki, secretary in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Oman: “We segmented tourism into several niches and focused in particular on the development of family, cultural and adventure types of tourism.”

Issam Kazim, Dubai Corporation for tourism and trade: “Our primary goal is to reach 20 million tourists by 2020, so we create a lot of infrastructure, amusement parks, hotels, roads, transport routes, including the airport. All will help us in the organization of the world exhibition”.

In 2015, the share of tourism in GDP of the Emirates reached 8.7%. According to the world tourism organization, by 2026 it will exceed 11%.

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