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Economic programs of candidates in France

What are the economic policies of the two candidates reaching the second round of the French presidential election?

25.Apr.17 5:34 AM
By Christina Orlina


Economic programs of candidates in France
Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen disagree on almost all counts. The main points of disagreement: the euro, free trade and globalization. If Macron is considered as the most Pro-European of all the candidates and “globalist”, that Le Pen advocates the withdrawal of France from the euro zone, the introduction of protectionist barriers against wild globalization.

The leader of the National Front, said about the failure of the European single currency project in 2011, in the midst of the debt crisis: “the Euro is dead. It did not stand the test and not viable. It's not a tragedy, we just have to accept this fact.”

Marine Le Pen promises to subordinate economic policies to the principle of “national priority”. To this end, it intends to stimulate demand for domestic products, revising trade agreements and increasing tariffs on some imported goods to 3%. In addition, it wants employers when concluding employment contract with a foreigner has paid 10% of his monthly salary to the Fund of unemployment benefits. The candidate of the “National front” promises to gradually reduce the budget deficit from 4.5% to 1.3% up to 2022, but to keep and even several to expand the state social security to the poor.

Emmanuel Macron has positioned itself as the supporter of modernization of the economy and increasing its competitiveness in the framework of globalization, which, he said, gives “great opportunity”: “We will protect people, but we should be a country free for innovation and creativity because it is an integral part of our DNA”.

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