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Zuckerberg discussed "TikTok danger" during private dinner with Trump

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E3 : Electronic entertainment

The annual electronic entertainment Expo (Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 abbreviated) starts in Los Angeles.

15.Jun.17 11:54 AM
By Christina Orlina


E3 : Electronic entertainment
This year, one of the world's largest forums of the gaming industry for the first time opened the door for ordinary users.

Officially, the event starts June 13, but the event already hosts various conferences. On Monday, in particular, the company introduced versions of popular computer games for virtual reality. Innovations in this area will show the 128 participants of the exhibition — in two times more than last year. In addition, according to the organizers, 15 of thousands of gamers will help manufacturers and developers of games and consoles to better understand the feelings of people from new ideas and devices.

According to the American Association of software and computer games, last year the contribution of the video game industry in US GDP was almost $ 12 billion.

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