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Drug Addicts will cause Closures of Night Clubs in Russia

State Duma Deputies offered several changes in existing bill.

25.Nov.14 3:36 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Drug Addicts will cause Closures of Night Clubs in Russia
Deputies of Russian State Duma offered to close night clubs if its visitors take drugs. In other words such changes will increase the level of responsibility of clubs’ owners for their visitors and the way they behave in such establishments. If a person is under affection of drugs while being in a night club, this place can be closed.

If these changes are approved and implemented, owners of night clubs and its employees can be fined. The fine can vary from 50 to 100 thousand rubles for employees and up to 500 thousand rubles for entities. Moreover the establishment itself can be closed for 90-day period if such violations are continuing.

Such changes have been initiated by Deputy from A Just Russia political party Oleg Nilov. He is sure that it is necessary to take drastic measures in order to make owners of night clubs restrict control of their visitors. He also paid attention to the fact that clubs can be closed not for keeping 1 pill by a visitor. But if a group of people is under heavy drug affection.

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