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Driver from Sarov locked Car Thief in his Auto

Criminal got into a started car but was not able to drive away.

26.Feb.15 11:08 AM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Driver from Sarov locked Car Thief in his Auto
Funny occasion took place on 20th of February in Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region. A man tried to still a started car which was left by its 28-year old owner.

Owner of VAZ-21074 model started his car and left for 10 minutes. When he returned, he saw a stranger inside the cabin who was trying to still the auto and drive away. However he was never managed to commit this crime. The car moved on 1 meter distance when the owner came up to it, grabbed the keys under the steering wheel and locked the thief. Criminal was trapped inside the cabin and had nowhere to run. Then owner of the car called the police.

Criminal was not trying to escape when representatives of Traffic Police department came up to the scene. This was also due to the fact that he was drunk like a log.  Drunk thief turned out to be 33-year old local citizen who was already put behind the bars. He is likely to go back to prison again.

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