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Domestic Tourism in Russian is Becoming More Popular

Russians prefer vacations on their motherland to tours abroad.

13.Jul.15 3:47 PM
By Anna Repina


Domestic Tourism in Russian is Becoming More Popular
Domestic tourism level has become 30% higher in Russia from the beginning of the current year. Such statistics has been officially provided by Rosstat service. At the same time, the number of Russians who want to spend vacations abroad has become 40% lower. The experts are sure that such tendency will be kept by the end of the year.

The Head of Rostourism Oleg Safonof noted that there is nothing surprising in such rates considering ruble exchange rate as well as policy of some countries towards Russian federation. That is why experts expect additional reduction of tours abroad though some countries are trying to attract Russian tourists by all means. On the other hand Russian resorts are facing their second rebirth at the moment which also influences the situation.

It should be also noted that Russia has become more attractive for foreign tourist. The number of people who visit Russia has increased by 16%. At the same time, the number of US and European tourists has become twice lower.
Safonov paid attention to the fact that Russia has enormous resources to develop its domestic tourism. In addition government is expecting about 40 million tourists in Russia by the ned of 2018 in accordance with special program of domestic and foreign tourism development.

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