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Domestic IT companies will not be able to pay the "tax on Google"

To adjust will only work for foreign developers.

31.Mar.16 1:49 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Domestic IT companies will not be able to pay the "tax on Google"
In the near future, the domestic IT-companies don't have to pay "tax on Google". The government intends to engage in the revision of the bill, and also to understand how, in fact, take this tax and to separate Russian developers from overseas.

According to RBC, during a recent meeting with the Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin on behalf of the IT industry acted as Advisor to the President Herman Klimenko. According to him, the introduction of VAT for the online companies could complicate life for domestic developers. Other participants supported this position, and it was decided that a new bill requiring IT companies to pay tax from 1 January, to touch upon Russian companies will not be.

It is known that the relevant committees should appropriately modify the draft law in the next month.

It is noted that the document will not be referred to by Russian developers, that is, the exemption from VAT for them to continue. The regulation of foreign companies will continue, but until Federal agencies are unable to offer a formula which makes it possible to tax only foreign companies.

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