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Dollar has risen through USA wage growth

On American labour market have been created fewer jobs than expected in November, and unemployment rate has slightly increased, however there was a surprising news about strong growth of average salary per hours.

06.Jan.17 12:07 PM
By Anna Tuzova


Dollar has risen through USA wage growth
Non-agricultural employment level in the USA has grown by only 156 thousand in December against the growth by 204 thousand in November, at the same time the figure for November has been revised upwards from the mark of 178 thousand. The consensus-forecast anticipated the creation of 178 thousand jobs in December.

The unemployment level in the USA has grown to 4,7% from the rate of 4,6%, recorded in the last month, as was expected by the forecast.

At the same time average salary per hours increased by 0,4% in December after it fell by 0,1% the month before. Analysts have been anticipating the increase of only 0,3%. As a result the yearly figure has grown from 2,5% in November to 2,9%. The salary growth dynamic is carefully monitored by the Federal Reserve Board, as it is a surrogate measure of the inflation rate and the proof of enhancing situation on the labour market.

Proportion of the economically active population has increased to 62,7% in December against 62,6% in the preceding month (the figure has been revised from 62,7%).

USD Index which monitors the value of the American currency against the basket representing six main currencies has grown by 0,6% to the mark of 102 by 11:00 (UTC-5).

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