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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Dog hunters poisoned Animals all over Russia

Animal haters announced 0th of January to be “All-Russian Dogs Sweep Day”.

22.Jan.15 7:22 AM
By Abigail Richards


Dog hunters poisoned Animals all over Russia
20th of January has turned out to be the day when dog hunters all over Russia decide to arrange mass dogs’ poisoning. Animal haters called it “All-Russian Dogs Sweep Day”. The information about this action has been spread via social networks.

In accordance with this information dog hunters were planning to spread special poison in parks, squares, near the waste tanks, play grounds and training centers.

On the other hand dog owners decided to spread information how to act in case you come across a poisoned animal. Animal defenders say that symptoms may depend on various factors as well as level of poisoning. The most common symptom is loss of orientation. Animal is not able to find its way, its legs give away followed by convulsions and vomiting.

Those who come across poisoned dogs should give it half glass of sunflower oil and some pyridoxine hydrochloride in accordance with size of dog. 2 ampules will be enough for an average sized animal.


Dog hunters are volunteers whose activity is connected with elimination of homeless dogs in order to provided safety on streets. They are sure that such actions will make it possible to decrease the number of injuries and deaths which are caused by aggressive behavior of homeless animals. At the same time they think that their actions will also prevent from occurring of different infections and other disease which can occur after a person was bitten by a dog. They have their own community and supervisors which contact members via social networks.

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