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Development of oil and gas deposits in the United States is a threat to 7 million people

Experts told, what is the risk of uncontrolled resource extraction.

21.Apr.16 3:02 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Development of oil and gas deposits in the United States is a threat to 7 million people
Active development of oil and gas fields in the United States is a danger to the lives of over 7 million people. About this in his forecast on threats induced by earthquakes stated geological service of the country.

Dubbed office data suggests that 7 million people are in dangerous proximity to places of resource extraction and are exposed to a serious risk to deal with such natural disasters as artificial or induced earthquakes. And the greatest threat looming over Eastern and Central parts of the USA.

Seismologists said that the current situation in Oklahoma and Kansas most alarming, since here the probability of occurrence of earthquakes is estimated at 5-12 % per year. Meanwhile, the entire infrastructure of the region can be destroyed if the tremors reached magnitude 4.5 points.

The cause of the strongest induced earthquake experts call pricing. This term means the rupture of the geological reservoir by the hydraulic method. Therefore, the uncontrolled production can have disastrous consequences.

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