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Developers of Parity prevented the hard fork of Ethereum

A critical error was detected and fixed.

08.Jun.18 12:05 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


Developers of Parity prevented the hard fork of Ethereum
The news portal forklog informs about the detection and elimination of a critical error in the software product of the Ethereum network. This was announced by a team of IT professionals Parity Technologies on its website.

The error was detected during the test run of the software, but the developers claim that this could very well have occurred in the Ethereum network itself. The problem was that when the program started, there was no synchronization, this led to the fact that traders did not have the opportunity to recognize their translations.

The employees of the technology company corrected the software error and asked all users to update it to the new correct version. According to experts, the failure of the work could affect about 30 percent of Ethereum users who use this software company Parity.

The origin of the error is determined by the core component of one of the proposals that were designed to improve and update Ethereum EIP 86. For example, with the help of a new code developed last year, it was possible to make transfers without signing the payer.

Ethereum has carried out about 240 million transactions since its inception, and it's worth noting that network security is subject to rigorous testing, not so long ago it was entirely examined by specialists from the American block-start-up ConsenSys.

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